Portrait Cameo Jewelry. The most unique gift to honor your 'loved one'

Your portrait photo can be carved in a variety of techniques and on a selection of modern layered Agate colors. The cameos are set in 18kt or 14kt Yellow or White Gold or Silver to make striking Pendants or Lockets.

Gareth creates an image on the cameo by hand, carving with diamond tools into layered agate. Gradually removing the material, he uses the contrast in color and translucency of the layers of stone to give shading and depth.

Gareth can hand engrave a personal message on the side and the back of the pendant to create a very personal gift.

Great skill, artistry and experience is needed to be able to create accurate portraits. Gareth has been making fine jewelry for 30 years.

Notable Clients include Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Stephen Harper – the Prime-minister of Canada, Lady Diana Gibson Watt and the Hollywood actors Sir Anthony Hopkins and Edward Fox.